BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Almost done ...

OK ... so the grout's down ...

All I need to do is to seal it and then scrub down the tub/tiles/walls/cabinets/etc. that got patch/leveler/adhesive/grout on it.

I'm confused on the sealing, though ... the grout says to wait 48 hours before doing anything with it, but the sealant says to wait TWO WEEKS. I'm thinking that 2 weeks is excessive, especially back in the closet area (the contents of the bottom area of which are stacked inconveniently out in the hallway), so will probably give it 72+ hours before sealing, and cleaning up.

Daughter #1 and I taped out (see pic #1 of this series) the back bathroom tonight, so we are likely going to be repeating this process (for The Wife's birthday I got enough tile, etc. to do both bathrooms) in the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll get hired before we're done and it will be a hassle to finish, but we'll be able to keep the condo.

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