BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Things that make you go "Hmmmm ..."

OK, so I just reviewed "The New Science of Getting Rich" (see previous post), a classic of the "intention/attraction" genre.

As noted there, I'd been disappointed that the Amazon price of the book had jumped (in a day) from $4.60 to $10.76 ... scuttling my plans to order 5 copies (which, at the previous price, with a $2 Dover book, would hit the $25 free-shipping zone) to hand out to folks.

This had me thinking ... I bought this because I saw it in Amazon's "under $5" listings, as I was trying to find something to boost an order up to free shipping. I would have been fairly unlikely to have stumbled across the book unless it had been on that (reasonably limited) list, and, were it not "just right" for padding the order, I probably wouldn't have ordered it.

However, it fit that need, and I got it, and found it remarkable, and am planning on using its methods (to the best of my ability) as a way to keep things on track "attraction-wise".

And then, just as I get done reviewing it ... the price is back up to only 10% under cover. While not a direct parallel, this certainly brings to mind the classic Ian Fleming quote: "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action." ... the "happenstance" of getting this book into my hands, followed by the removal of the conditions which enabled the book to come into my hands, and framed by the context of the book, begins to look like something beyond coincidence (albeit not "enemy" action)!

There certainly seem to be "things coming together" which "conspired" to have this particular book get into my mind-stream. This also fits in with disparate "existential puzzle pieces" that I'd just as well not specify here, much like how the book fits with a wide range of things kicking around in my head ... making me feel that there was some "guidance" involved here!

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