BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Didn't get the fucking job ...

OK ... the job that I've been talking about on-and-off for the past month ... the one that I was told was "90% sure" mine ... just went to somebody else. I'm in a mixed mood about this ... the gig was going to be Cook County Coordinator for the Illinois Libertarin Party ... which would have been a gas ... but it was going to pay so little that I would have been spending all my spare time looking for another job anyway. It went to some guy who's family was "connected" and had done lots of county politics before. I was real strong on the promo/development end of stuff, but would have had to "reinvent the wheel" in terms of getting us ready for the February primaries. Oh well. Once again I'm fucked because I'm not a "specialist". I almost had a "dream job" last fall with the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group, managing their frequent diner program ... the personnel department LOVED my resume and was wanting to "create the job around me" but the VP in charge decided they "needed to get somebody who had run this sort of program elsewhere" ... once again, I'm the "star-shaped peg" when they're looking to fill a square hole.

This does sting, though, since we were at a "well, we at least have THIS" point, and now it's back to zero. Less than zero. Big fucking pit gaping in front of me. Shit.

Maybe one of these P.R. firms I've applied to will be on drugs that day and hire me into one of the VP gigs. Nothing quite like going back to killing your soul for a six figure salary. I'm damned if I get a job that will pay me enough for us to survive, and I'm damned if I don't. I can not even begin to conceive of what a fucking nightmare my life will be if we have to move to the SUBURBS ... just fucking shoot me NOW! Damn.

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