BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hmmm ... I guess I didn't mention this in here ...

Ah, the problem of multiple social media platforms ... what did I say when and where? Don't worry, L.J. is still my #1 soapbox, but the immediacy (and ephemerality) of Twitter does have its particular siren song. For some reason this got onto Twitter over the weekend and not here.

Anyway, that last post, with a link to the on-line version of the Science of Getting Rich book, came from another link that I had been meaning to share.

This is sort of a specialized search engine for on-line books ...

... I have been pleasantly surprised that a number of books (some that had bee residing on my Amazon wish list for quite a while waiting for a hard-copy version to come down in price) that I'd been "meaning to get" were available "out there" in .pdf versions. Certainly (thanks to the details of the copyright laws) pretty much everything pre-WWI is fair game for this market (as long as the books weren't "managed" over the years ... some of the more popular writers had active estates which have maintained control, such as the Burroughs' estate still owning the Tarzan books).

Figured this might be useful for some of you out there!

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