BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Crushed ...

I had been very hopeful about this one job possibility ... a week or so back I'd had a phone interview with the person the position would be reporting to (as opposed to an HR drone), taking over an hour and seemingly having great rapport. She indicated that I was the first person that she'd talked to, so had a list to get through, and that it would likely be a couple of weeks before they were ready to do face-to-face interviews. I walked away from the call thinking that I was a lock to at least come in to pitch for the job.

I followed up last week with an e-mail (which had an "auto reply" come back indicating that she was out of town all of last week at a conference), and was figuring that I should be getting a call from her sometime this week to set up an appointment for me to come down to talk to (as we'd already discussed) her, the other manager, and their supervisor.

Instead, this morning, I find a form letter from their HR department (admittedly, a nicely formatted .pdf formletter) saying that they went with somebody else. Frankly, given the time-line that I'd been presented with, I'm guessing that they haven't picked somebody, just that I didn't make the cut for being formally interviewed.

I've been flogging this job search since May and have so far scored just two phone interviews.

As much as I'm trying to, it is VERY VERY VERY hard to try to "keep positive" and "keep believing" when faced with as little response as I've gotten. Frankly, at this point I have a hard enough time just not taking it personally ... I have a great resume, I'm an insanely hard worker, I've had people rave (on my LinkedIn profile) about my performance, but I can't even get an interview for a job that I'm suited for.

Something "miraculous" had better come through soon ... all the "plausible" stuff looks real ugly at this point.

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