BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another disappointment ...

I was supposed to be meeting up with this guy that I'd met at another networking thing a few weeks back tonight at this event ... which he had something to do with promoting. He'd broached the subject of my doing the web work for this group, and I'd busted my butt to have a "skeleton" Ning site good-to-go by this afternoon so he could review it before we got together.

Either he blew me off, or I was significantly confused, because no sign of him at the event ... and I was exhausted, backed up on a half a dozen projects, and had chunked out a significant span of time to work up that thing today, so was NOT happy to be there. I also had a "CMP" (I used to be a Certified Meeting Professional) moment or two there, where I really wanted to step in and shape things up. Obviously, there is part of me that would be very happy getting back into event management ... but it's one thing doing that for a client (ala Kraft), where being an OCD-driven control freak is a Good Thing, and trying to massage a dozen different sets of egos in a collaborative function with all sorts of sponsors/vendors, etc.

I also didn't get to talk to the lady from earlier in the week who might maybe could possibly have a job for me if she was able to convince the partners in the firm to create one, so I'm in limbo on that as well.

I've been "emotionally fragile" the past couple of days ... I hope I can get over that for this weekend, as we'd pushed my Birthday celebrations onto Saturday/Sunday and I really want to have some "quality time" with The Girls.

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