BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I seem to be the only one playing ...

Among the many and varied things that are part of the greater TRIBUNE media conglomerate (for which I would be quite happy to work!), there is a new thing called Chicago Now, which is a collection of blogs hand-picked for their particular niche.

One of these is called The Job Stalker, which is, as one might assume, a blog for those in search of employment. The most recent person in that chair, one Julie Wernau, just disqualified herself by actually getting a job (with the Tribune's Business section, no less), and so there is a hunt for the new "Job Stalker".

They are trying to make this happen within the comment section of the blog, but so far (knock on wood?), I appear to be the only person "playing along". The first "test" came on Saturday, when willing candidates were asked to produce 100 words or less as to why they'd be a great "Job Stalker". While there is an option to submitting via mail, it was duly noted that if one is going to be blogging one should be used to being out where the rotten veggies fly, and of the comments to the post so far, I'm the only one that is unequivocally going for the gig (unless the person who posted a couple of comments after me was deeply burying his/her desire for the assignment under sufficiently convoluted wry humor that it would be easy to read it as their "taking a pass" on the unpaid position).

This afternoon there was a follow-up post, with a second "challenge", and, again, so far it has only been answered by me ... which would seem to somewhat narrow down the field. One would think that were there lots of interested folks in search of this sort of exposure, I'd be lost in a crowd of responses, but to this point, no. There is still the "shy applicant" possibility of e-mail opters, but, as noted, that's not quite in line with the whole concept.

Of course, this is an unpaid gig, but one that has the potential of rather wide exposure, which "couldn't hurt" in the job search! If it also was a sneaky way of "interning" writers who would then (like Ms. Wernau) be snatched up into the welcoming arms of Mother Tribune, I'd be OK with that as well!

Thought I'd let y'all know that was happening in the indistinct background of my otherwise dire and depressing search for paying work ...

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