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More on the B.O. prize ...

{OK ... I have tried to keep political stuff out of here in the interest of my job search ... HR departments regularly search for candidate web sites, and I've been keeping as low a profile as possible for these sort of issues as I can so as not to seem "controversial", but this has just stuck in my craw, and I need to pass it along!}

Somebody was asking ... "when was he nominated?" ... well:
According to the Nobel committee's own web site, all nominations must be submitted by February 1 of the year awarded. ... "Nominations postmarked and received after this date are included in the following year's discussions."
Now, B.O. was inaugurated on January 20th. That means there were 12 days before the deadline for a 2009 Nobel nomination. When was the paperwork generated? On WHAT was the nomination justified?

Oh, instead of being the Nobel PEACE Prize, this must be the Nobel "NOT GEORGE BUSH" Prize, as the ONLY thing that B.O. had "achieved" at that point was being elected.

Unless, of course, they're actually awarding it for his work with ACORN to sue banks in the Chicago area that weren't "writing enough bad paper" ... B.O. had been part of the legal team for that oh-so-ethical organization that was "blackmailing" banks, making it impossible for them to do stuff like open new branches unless they met, not the government's targets for bad loans (yes, blatantly, evidently, certified BAD LOANS), but ACORN's inflated targets. B.O. was one of the key players in setting up the banking crisis that enabled him to be elected President. Perhaps the Nobel committee is rewarding him for his efforts in sabotaging the American economy!

Anyway ... it's disgusting that B.O. won out over the folks listed in the link in my previous post, on any basis, and really vile that the "justifications" (to wit: "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples") were based on less than TWELVE DAYS in office. What a joke!

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