BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

How come every time I get a "real night's sleep" I wake up unfocused and in a simmering rage?

Last night I actually went to bed before 1am and slept until nearly 8am this morning. Usually I pass out at my desk for 2-3 hours wake up in the wee small hours, do some more work, and then crawl off at dawn to get some "horizontal time" and am back at my desk by 6 ... with a fairly constant level of focus and emotional stability. Am I just "numb" most of the time?

Grrrr ....

It didn't help that I got up this morning, and saw a pretty decent sounding gig via a CareerBuilder e-mail, went to apply, and was stuck in a "job service"'s application/analysis form for over an hour, only to find when I jumped through all their hoops that there was no way to apply for the goddamn job that got me in the door. Between the stuff on the site and trying to get some satisfaction from their "help" areas, I wasted the whole morning on this. Needless to say, I'd advise avoiding the bait-and-switch scammers at "Brill Street"! {edit: OK, one of their V.P.s got back to me and "made nice", it still didn't get me applied to the job, but they explained they'd only been up for 2 weeks and were still "working out the bugs" on the user interface ... not ideal, but enough to justify the strike-out (and deletion of 2 very hostile Tweets).}

Damn, I hate those asswipes out there who are preying on the unemployed!

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