BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, lucky you!

Yeah, here we go with another back-to-back poem posting day! A veritable double-header of despair!

As I've noted previously, I get to write when I get some time with idle hands away from my computer (yeah, I know about "the Devil's work") ... and today it was while Daughter #1 had her swim class. No "Plath Factor" today, though, but it's hardly any less poisonous than what's come before ...

                    IN THIS ABATTOIR

                    so much fear
                    so much pain
                    these days descend
                    in spirals of destruction
                    all things we have
                    are stripped away
                    all things we know
                    obliterated maliciously

                    what can we keep
                    of who we are?
                    every symbol
                    is erased
                    every touchstone
                    ground to dust
                    every icon
                    shattered and denied

                    this time churns on
                    a juggernaut
                    which swallows up
                    all our strength
                    and leaves us empty
                    unable to strive
                    unable to seek
                    the path which leads away

                    no futures promise
                    anything but agony
                    either agonies of days despised
                    within old chains, once cast away
                    or agonies of impoverishment
                    of losing all the things
                    we've ever had or cared for
                    while clutching to our dreams

                    this world hates dreams
                    and ignores all prayer
                    it despises dreamers
                    and those who strive
                    for finer stuff than this;
                    it seeks our death
                    and our debasing
                    hard and brutal, evil, vile

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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