BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Scams ... they're all SCAMS ...

I know, I've bitched about this before in here ... but my week just got off to a real sucky start with the first four e-mails I opened being about "job notices" supposedly specifically targeted to my profile ... and each of those four went off to some damn site that WOULDN'T EVEN LET ME SEE THE POSTING unless I signed up for a "monthly membership"!

It would be aggravating enough if this was four things from ONE group (like those sleazeballs at "The Ladders" and their various sub-brands), but this was from FOUR DIFFERENT GROUPS. Obviously, the scam that The Ladders has been running has attracted competition ... figuring that you have desperate people out there and if you dangle the prospect of "having an inside track" to a job, they'll pony up the cash.

To add insult to injury, the next thing I hit after those was that same new job site that I bitched about last week, where it looks like you're applying for the listed job (via CareerBuilder), but get in and find that THEIR test didn't match you well with the job, so it WON'T LET YOU APPLY! Hell, if I'm expending the effort to go to apply *I* think I match up "well enough" with the job and I don't give a damn what their survey (which is deeply flawed, treating "mid-point" scores as "low" rather than "neutral" ... and you can't re-take it once you've completed it!) says.

This is just getting ridiculous. SOMEBODY F***ING HIRE ME, ALREADY!!!

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