BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Rough day ...


Yeah, I know, it ain't over yet.

Lots of Very Bad Things happening. Stagnation at best on the job front (I had 2 things that I thought were going to generate interviews that now seem to be dead in the water). Assorted stressors coming in from all angles. Not a lot of hope.

Two good things ...

One, I went to the doctor yesterday to get a flu shot, and he said I'd lost 13 pounds (without really even trying) since last being in. It's not much in the over-all scheme of things, but it explains my pants being loose. He wanted to know if I needed something for the stress ... all the stuff that I was mentioning (I had a list from The Wife) he attributed to psychological factors. Maybe I should ask for hemlock.

Two, I got an invite from the gal who seems to be doing the sorting for the new "The Job Stalker" blog at the Tribune's Chicago Now blog site to submit a sample blog entry. I whipped up something and sent it in. I'm hoping I get the gig (but then get hired soon afterwards) since I'm such a vain puppy and would love the exposure!

Have all sorts of stories that I'm wanting to share, but most of them would just turn into rants, and the rest would turn into less-than-flattering "boo-hoo-hoo, poor me!" sob fests, and you don't want to read that, I don't want to write that (if for nothing else, the NLP implications), and it's just ugly all the way around.

I really need to find some POSITIVE folks to talk to. I had a chat today with an associate who's in every bit a bad situation as I am, and it was a big downer. I was hoping that he's be in an enthusiastic mode (he's starting up a new project), but that wasn't the case. I keep trying to read all this "intention/attraction" stuff, but have nobody to interact with on that basis, just folks who are more than happy to help the "doom tapes" play in my head. I mean, I don't want to be blindsided by Very Bad Things happening if they end up happening, but I'd much rather "press on" with stuff that might lead to Good Things. Kind of hard to make that work, though, without the right audience.

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