BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm a moron ...

OK, so yesterday I had a morning meeting followed by a phone meeting followed by a big networking event.

Today, I had a morning meeting followed by a virtual meeting (the weekly Non-Profit Commons conference in Second Life) followed by a workshop.


I blocked my time, got on the bus, went down to the south loop, up to the appropriate offices, bearing my print-out about "Deloitte's E-Mail Marketing Workshop" which nobody had heard of. Finally, (after about 15 minutes of trying to figure out what this was about) the receptionist noticed that this was for Friday, October 30, 2009 ... next week.

As she said: "well, at least you not late".

I just hate it when this sort of thing happens, but it IS certainly better showing up now for something that's still upcoming than showing up then and being told it was a week ago!

(sigh) Fortunately, I was able to get back on the bus transfer, so this whole episode just cost me $2.50 and about an hour and a half (and some pride). Makes me feel like an idiot, however.

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