BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Grrrrr ...

I am seriously thinking about dumping my FaceBook account.

Except for the ONE FEATURE of being able to find folks I've not seen in 30 years, there is NOTHING useful, functional, or non-irritating there. I hate the format, I hate the ads (80% of which are obvious scams!), I hate the stupid fucking games, and every time I try to DO something there I get lost in an endless loop of not-what-I'm-trying-to-do pages. WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE IN THAT DAMN SERVICE??? I wish it would cease to exist ... hate it, hate it, hate it!

I live on Twitter, have spent 10 years on LiveJournal, and really like LinkedIn ... so it's not that "I dont' get social media" or anything ... the whole system there, though, sucks so bad and is SO counter-intuitive to me as to make it USELESS.

Grrrrrrrrrr .....

I had originally tried to post the above over there but it was like twice as long as it will allow. What the fuck? If I wanted to be limited in my message length, I'd Tweet. My dislike for FaceBook grows by the day. HOW DO PEOPLE USE THAT??? Every time I interface with it, I get ENRAGED!

Damn it, damn it to whatever Hell there is for bad programs!

I want it to cease to exist.

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