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OK, I had a request over on Twitter that I share the pics of our pumpkin-carving efforts. Last night was the only night this week that I wasn't going to be tied up with something, so it was our one shot at the pumpkins. We've had bad luck the past several years with the jack-o-lanterns not making it to Halloween before they got fuzzy or just plain rotten, and we're hoping that waiting until now will give these enough time to make it into the weekend!

The one on the left is Daughter #2's on which she picked the stencil, but I pretty much did all the work. The one on the right is Daughter #1's, and she did everything but gutting it out (I did that while The Girls were working on their homework).

Both of these big honking pumpkins were very inexpensive this year ... which surprised me because I'd read that the main "pumpkin growing areas" had seen whatever sort of weather is not conducive to growing pumpkins ... but the bigger one was $6.99 and I hear tell the slightly-less-big one was somewhere around $5 ... such a deal!

We have Big Plans for the weekend, with both of The Girls having friends staying over. We're going to a party on Friday night up at their dojo (gee, I wonder who developed that swell website?), then have the trick-or-treating in our building in the late afternoon on Saturday, and then (no doubt) running over to some of their other friends' places for more candy gathering. I'm feeling exhausted just typing about it!

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