BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ya never know ...

As I've no doubt mentioned in here previously, I've been really "keeping my nose to the grindstone" in the job search, primarily in two areas: spending my days flogging the web to see what sort of jobs fall out (and I've been averaging getting out 5-12 resumes a day from that), and spending my nights (at least twice a week) off at networking events.

Now, "networking events" can cover a wide range of activities, from those depressing "room full of unemployed people" get-togethers (if nothing else is happening in a week, I know where to find one of those every Monday) to industry-specific workshops. This week I had four events scheduled.

On Monday I went off to a "TweetUp" that Forrester Research was hosting down at the Fairmont, in advance of a two-day conference they were having. This was sort of odd, as the event would have typically been a "pre-conference cocktail gathering" and (I take it) was on the official schedule. As far as I could tell, there were only a scant handful of folks who, like me, wandered in from the TweetUp announcement, with everybody else being in town specifically for the conference. I had some interesting conversations, got a number of cards, but so far have only "converted" (on LinkedIn and Twitter) one contact from that to an on-going connection ... I had "reached out" to about a dozen folks, with a lot of silence resulting (however the one connection is with a company that I'd love to work for, so it was very useful).

On Tuesday, as previously noted, we carved pumpkins (being the only "free night" I had all week).

On Wednesday, last night, I went to an event which I thought would be a "home run" as far as networking, as it was a networking event about networking, with the subject "Secrets of Mission-Driven Networking" ... what could be better than that? Unfortunately, as it turned out, this was a "class project" for folks at this workshop place, and nearly everybody there was into "ooh, we're playing 'networking event'" and weren't really networking (except for the people with the sponsoring organization nobody there even had business cards!). I did, however, have a chance to chat with the speaker, and he might have some project work for me (looking at his firm, I wouldn't mind going on full-time with them either) ... so the event was a bust, but the one contact might be quite valuable!

Tonight I'm off for "Tech Thursday", a weekly get-together at Office Port that I've been to previously. This time there's a program, with speakers (and catering!), which wasn't the case when I was there before, so I'm guessing I'll be meeting folks that I've not encountered elsewhere.

Tomorrow, of course, is the workshop that ... uhhhh ... I went to last week ... a thing on doing HTML e-mail newsletters down at Deloitte's offices. Again, I'm anticipating a whole new group of faces (and business cards) to connect with at that.

I just wish that ONE of these things would result in somebody actually hiring me!

Anyway, not a whole lot of purpose in this post (or, if there was "a point", I've already spaced it), but that's what I've been up to!

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