BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Snarky Swag!

Soooo ... last night I was off at this networking event ("Tech Thursday" at the Office Port center in the Loop) and they had a guest speaker, who was the guy who is developing this text-on-tshirts (and mugs and dogtags/necklaces) concept called "Coin That Phrase" (it's pitched as a way to nail down proof of first use on a phrase ... you even get a printable certificate to the effect that you had "coined that phrase" ... see pic)
Now, I've always been fond of snarky phrases, and have deeply appreciated the I.T. help-desk code like the "ID:10T error", or (obviously, in this case) "PEBKAC" which is short for Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair! Having been "the tech guy" in a number of contexts over the years, this was something that I frequently had to deal with. Somewhere along the line, I came up with the idea of "Planet PEBKAC" (or PEBCAK, it varies), but never could see the use of going through the effort of doing a Cafe Press store to just get that particular bit of snark out there.

Though this service, however, I was able to set up four versions (both spellings for both "He" and "She"), and cast these out into the web for a very minimal cost. I figure that there are enough techies out there who might want to subtly poke the clueless that it would be worth the investment in signing up for their affiliate program and registering all four phrases.

Anyway, figured I'd pass this along, just in case there are folks reading this who have to deal with somebody that regularly can't figure out the most basic computer/program functions! The direct link to my page over there is (or click on the shirt pic).

Oh, and just so the ObamaRegime's FCC doesn't fine me for plugging something that I have a financial interest in, I'd better do the "full disclosure" crap ... I do make a whole buck if one of my "designs" sells ... so I'm not just in this for the snark.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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