BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

NaBloPoMo ...

So ... obviously, over the past week or so you've seen a lot of action in this space ... I had been feeling that I'd been shorting L.J. with the amount of time I spend over on Twitter (but, in my defense, I get nearly all of my job leads over there, so sort of have to spend huge chunks of time culling those out of the over-all data stream!) ... I have, via the suggestion/lead of @gordondym over there, signed up for NaBloPoMo (the National Blog Posting Month), so (with any luck) you'll be hearing from me daily for at least the next month.

If "NaBloPoMo" sounds familiar, it's an obvious play on the more famous NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, now in its 11th November. For the latter, you need to crank out 50,000 words over the month ... that's about 1667 words a day, which would be around 3 hours of my time (given my typical writing speed for non-blithering) per day, which is WAY more time than I can give to a non-"getting a job" project at the moment. However, the "rules" for NaBloPoMo (which is somewhat mis-named as it's an on-going project, with a new "theme" every month) are just that you need to post something every day in that month. This, I believe, I can do. After all, I've only missed one day out of the past 3 weeks, and only 4 days out of the month (with 11 days where I made multiple posts), so just "remembering that I'm doing this" (which may require sticking something to my monitor ... I'm easily "spaced"), should be all that's necessary to complete the task!

I would ENCOURAGE those few folks still "active" on LiveJournal to try this as well ... this used to be such a vibrant place when it didn't have such a wide range of competing vehicles, and if a bunch of us LJ folks start "being visible" this way, it might coax a new community to build up around us, like nacre on a sand grain (oooh, how literary of me!).

I'm going to be having to go it without reviews for a while, as I'm caught up on what I've read, and am in the first of two rather thick books, so there might be some "gratuitous blithering" involved on some days, but hey ... if you've been reading me for any amount of time, you should be desensitized to that particular genre!

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