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I was sort of taking a "personal inventory" of the sort of things that I really like working on, and came to the rather disturbing realization that the work that makes the day fly by in a pleasant, engaging, and personally rewarding, way is the sort of thing that MBAs say "we can hire an intern to do that!".

Sure, I have experience in a metric shitload of "professional" stuff (see the comments to but much of what's involved in that is soul-crushing, mind-numbing, and idiot-dealing grinds. Like how I "know I can't do sales" (because I'm very bad with rejection), I'm beginning to wonder what the hell I can do that I would love that would still pay me what I'm worth (assuming that I'm worth what I believe that I'm worth ... I could, of course, be deluded on that point).

Of course, my personality being what it is, I've never been in a job that I wasn't to some degree obsessive/compulsively enmeshed with, so I'm assuming that if somebody would hire me I'd be reasonably content with whatever it was ... I'm just depressed to find myself applying to jobs "far below my professional level", just on the outside chance that somebody would figure they were getting me "at wholesale" (or, hell, at this point "remaindered"). I just wish there was some particular job (aside, of course, from "billionaire philanthropist" - my long-time dream gig ... but that one never seems to make it into TweetMyJobs) that I could identify that I really wanted to do, but I have been constantly incapable of making that sort of call.

Bleh. Feeling a bit beaten down today ... wish some of the stuff I'm reading would make a difference in the meat world.

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