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This was a screwed up day on a lot of levels.

Aside from sleeping through most of the Bears game ... I slogged into several long-standing "round tuit" projects that were suddenly looking more appealing than crawling through the 50-some job possibilities stacked up in my browser's tab bar. I got one minor thing crossed off, but in the process of doing it, ended up being totally stymied in another because the stuff I needed (which the other needed to be done to access the location) seems to have not been where I thought it was. As I have yet ANOTHER project rather desperately awaiting finding that stuff, it was very frustrating. I also discovered that I have boxes and boxes and boxes full of old print-outs and assorted paperwork left over from Eschaton, ClubZ, Rexall, and other previous businesses. I'm notoriously bad about this sort of thing, as I don't have effective "filters" for what is "worth keeping" and what is "trash". My memory is so object-specific, that I can have a very vivid blast of recall looking at a particular print-out of something, and have a not unreasonable fear that without those bits and pieces to trigger the memory, those things will be "lost forever". I'm not as bad as I used to be (I used to keep, chronologically organized, all credit card receipts so that I could reconstruct my activities!), but I still have a sense that without the "memorabilia" (as mundane as much of this stuff is), I have no "history" to speak of ... I have NO idea how people know where they've been or what they've done if they don't have well organized files ... if it's up to my brain, it's all a haze waiting to crystallize around some tangible item!

The other frustrating thing was that I found a lot of e-mail today that had ended up in my old Simuality box ... I really need to get under the hood of ThunderBird and switch that over to using my connection for mail ... if people just hit "reply" they end up in the old e-mail, and I only look at that on rare occasion. What was VERY strange/irritating was that a quote for some book publishing (a side project that may or may not be coming together) ended up in the same box. Now, a year ago, I was in contact with some Indian printing firms for quotes on the Avatrait book, and I was dealing with one of those this time, but I had VERY CLEARLY used my Gmail account to contact them, and had been wondering why it was taking them so long to get back to me (I'd even combed through hundreds of things in my Gmail "junk" folder to make sure it hadn't found its way in there). Obviously, somebody there dug up my OLD e-mail and used that ... why, I have no clue ... the odds were at least as good that my address was DEAD at this point, and all our recent communications had been via the Gmail box.

I've been very tired today, and fairly "down" ... so many things have looked promising over the past month and then just faded away, that I'm sort of feeling like I'm back at square one on the damn job search. If I wasn't evidently putting in 12 hours a day on that you'd think I was sitting around popping bon-bons and watching soap operas ... because I've had such piss-poor results in my efforts I might as well have been taking it easy as driving myself to the edge.

One project that's sort of half-done is trying to teach myself Scribus ... when my MS Office's license code got screwed up, it messed up MS Publisher as well, and there's not an equivalent in Open Office for that, and Scribus is about as close as you can get for "open source". However, it is not very easy to figure out (although I've been digging through bits and pieces ... but, come on, having to hit "F2" every time you want to change font size??? ... trying to find what makes what happen). I'm attempting to use it for a second shot at doing an "e-book" of one of my old poetry collections. I still can't get the "master pages" to work for me, so am doing a lot of "working around", but hope to have a file up over at the Ning page that's smaller than the 27meg .pdf that resulted from my having done a graphic scan of the book!

Speaking of e-books, I realized the other day that the "cool landscape format" that I'd noticed a lot of these books being in was likely a result of having "set" the book in PowerPoint! It looks like I'm going to be re-doing a version of the Second Life talk I gave at the Zocalo Group last month for an upcoming NetSquared meet-up, and this time I'll see about pushing it into an e-book (the main problem I had with making my previous presentation available was that it had a lot of pics of now-gone builds in SL that I had to dig up off the web ... so maybe I can write about those and skip the pics).

Blah, blah, blah ... you don't care, I know. Hell, judging from the absence of comments here, nobody's reading this anyway. Starting to use to point over here also has been giving me a pretty good indication of how many people are actually reading me on Twitter ... I have over 400 folks "following" me, but judging from click-throughs, the "real number" is somewhere in the 12-18 range. Whoop de do, eh? Yeah, makes me wonder why I bother.

Oh, by the way, I guess this makes it 2/30 for the NaBloPoMo thing.

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