BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

welllll ...

On my way heading out to yet another TweetUp networking event (which was pretty good) last night, I got an e-mail. From a H.R. person. From a "target" company. Who wanted to set up a Phone Interview.

I am, of course (and much against the advice of Epictetus and his various advocates) absolutely freaking out excited about this, and spent a substantial amount of time this morning doing research on the company, its leadership, its clients, its parent company, its merger partners, its parent company, and their various clients. I feel guilty about not getting deeper into that long tab bar full of possible place to send resumes, but there's a "bird in the hand" aspect here, and I want to totally ACE this call.

I'm (as usual) afraid to talk too much about the details, for fear of "jinxing it", but this is almost an ideal situation for me, from a lot of angles, and I really really really hope this is going to roll into a job offer sooner than later. While I can't be sure, this would dove-tail with the info I got from one of my "references" that somebody had contacted her for background info on me. That, and certain other elements involved, make me think this particular company is very serious about bringing me on. I just hope I'm not letting "wishful thinking" lead me into delusional states!

Needless to say, everything else has been colored by this ... I just hope I have GOOD NEWS to pass along in the next few days. Again, this is a company that I'd identified as being a very good fit for me, for a number of reasons, and it would be a very satisfactory end to the job search to end up there!

Time for those green candles and other forms of well-wishing!

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