BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OOOH ... I hate Phishing scams even more than I hate FaceBook ...

Man ... I'm glad that I'm a suspicious, obsessive, and nosy person ... otherwise I'd get suckered into all these damn scams. As my wife asks "how can people know?" ... it's no great mystery why there are huge bot nets out there with compromised computers when the Bad Guys are doing shit like this ...

That's an e-mail that just came in ... for all the world it looks like it's from FaceBook, right? Heck, my first reaction was "what do those assholes want now?" until I realized that the e-mail account this was showing up in wasn't one that's associated with FaceBook.

Of course, I know to mouse over the links to see where they're actually heading, and can recognize a "compound" address that isn't going where one would think it was at first glance. But, how many people out there are up on that? I know my wife isn't ... she just ignores most of her mail, with frequently bad results of not dealing with stuff that she should have, just for staying "safe" from stuff like this.

Now, I'm not big on "government solutions" to most problems, but I really think that our society should think about categorizing things as "trust crimes" ... and making these subject to particularly heinous punishments. Of course, commerce, politics, etc., are all BASED ON LYING, making the non-factual emotional appeal, the play on greed, the play on envy, so I doubt this would be able to be established without a major revolution, but in a totally-connected world, the concept of TRUST is so central, that crimes against it (and "phishing" like this is an egregious form) should carry the harshest penalties!

Grrrrrrr ...

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