BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I do SO love a deal ...

Wheeeee ...

I just got 3 long-sleeve Guayabera shirts (don't be hatin') in my size for a delivered price of $17.34 ... under six bucks each. That is sweet!

One of the places I get clothes from send out a promo mailing today that got an additional 20% off of the cost of any clearance items, plus just 99¢ per item shipping. I'd actually almost bought some of these a few weeks back, but hadn't "pulled the trigger" on the order for some reason (I think something was funky with their order page at the time). Anyway, I ended up saving 28% over the regular (with shipping) clearance total, and a whopping 78% over the regular price/shipping ...
          Retail:    22.49 x 3 = 67.47 + 11.99  = $79.46 = 78% discount
          Clearance:  5.99 x 3 = 17.97 +  5.99  = $23.96 = 28% discount
          DEAL:       4.79 x 3 = 14.37 +  2.97  = $17.34 = such a deal!

I don't suppose that y'all care ... but thought I'd crow about it anyway. Love. Saving. Money.

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