BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Gee ... another phone interview?

Huh? After six months wherein I'd had just two phone interviews, I've been contacted for TWO this week. Of course, the one that was supposed to be today (and will be tomorrow) is the one that I'm REALLY interested in, but "it wouldn't hurt" to talk to these other folks.

The only problem with this new one is that it's out in the suburbs. The sort of suburbs that don't have any public transportaion.

Well, that's not quite true ... the aggravation of which is the actual point of this post. There IS a bus, which has a stop one block away from the place that's wanting to talk to me ... with the next stop being in downtown Chicago (an easy bus or El ride from here) ... but it only goes ONE WAY, from the suburbs TO downtown in the morning, and from downtown to the suburbs in the evening. WTF?!!! They have five busses over a 2 hour period in each "shift", but they only go ONE WAY and don't go back out? Do they just park them all day in the Loop? I don't think so! But, pick up a rider in the city ... nooooooooooooo!

There appears to literally be no other way (well, Google maps tells me I could walk there in about 6½ hours!) to get there other than driving ... even taking the Metra train leaves you "a 10 minute drive" away (and theoretically, the drive out there is only about a half hour). I do NOT understand how people can LIVE out in places like that!

So, when I talk to these folks (and I'm hoping that I'll have an offer from the other place by then so it won't matter) I'll have to let them know that the cost of a vehicle (parking, car, insurance, gas, etc.) will be in my math since they're some place where "city people" can't get to. Grrrr .... this is what I get for growing up in Manhattan!

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