BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Had to pass this along ...

I've been trying to keep politics out of here for the time being due to my job search, both from the "search the web" aspect and for trying to ignore what's happening to the country as much as possible so I don't slip deep into depression over stuff that I can't control. However, I ran across this column by Larry Elder about the Left's demonization of Fox News ... he has some great stories and facts like the following:
a Pew Research Center study found that during the last six weeks of the campaign, 61 percent of CNN's stories on John McCain were negative, compared with 39 percent on Obama. On MSNBC, 73 percent of McCain stories were negative, while only 14 percent of stories on Obama were negative. But 40 percent of Fox News' stories on Obama and 40 percent of those on McCain aired during the final six weeks of the race were negative. So, of the three major cable news networks, who can legitimately claim to be more "fair and balanced"?
... it's not all "old news" but is full of rather eye-opening comparisons of how the MSM was acting like a pack of rabid dobermans when Bush was in office, but now acts like fluffy lap dogs for the Obamamessiah! A very good read.

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