BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Did I mention ...

Man, I get these e-mails which look to be (and sometimes are) from places that I've signed up to search jobs on, and in these e-mails there are links to lists of jobs, and in those lists of jobs there are sometimes ones that sound just great, but when you click on them *SURPRISE!* you're on a sign-in page for TheLadders (or one of their many sub-sites) and you can't even get to the job details without setting up a recurring monthly charge.

Yes. There ARE jobs there. Yes, they do "filter" for appropriate jobs. However, charging somebody who has NO INCOME $35.00/month for the boon of being able to actually see the jobs is SLEAZY bordering on an outright SCAM.

What's worse, some boards (like JobFox) which used to be pretty handy, now are switching to the same model ... "pay us and we'll let you apply". And, of course, they're using fear and greed to drive this ... which I deeply HATE. If you want my business, DO NOT make an "emotional appeal" because I will see it as dishonesty, I will see it as you trying "to get one over on me", and I will hate you and want to make you suffer for it.

What's almost funny is that, with enough Google-Fu, one can typically track down the actual jobs behind these blockades and get to them anyway ... but it drives me into a freakin' RAGE every time I have to spend time getting around one of these "held for ransom" job postings ... the people behind these scams should have Very Bad & Painful Things happen to them.

Grrrrrrrrrr ...

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