BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Heh ...

As a follow-up to my previous post, I had a similar thing happen today ... I open up an e-mail from some job board/service and see something quite attractive. I click on the job and where do I find myself? At my bête noire, The Ladders, on a page which is telling me that I need to send them $75 in order to see the job details. Mind you, this isn't to apply for the job, this is just to see the details of the job (admittedly, I don't suppose there's an additional charge to apply once one's given over the ransom, but I, obviously, never get so far as to be able to determine that). Rage. Hatred. Lurid fantasies of egregious bodily harm.

Ah, but this particular job has a rather oddly formatted title, not just "Communications Manager" or something generic. I highlight it, I Google it, I find a half a dozen other routes to the info, and within a couple of clicks I am not only looking at the job info, but doing so on the website of one of my long-time "target" companies.

Now, this was particularly pleasing as my previous attempts to find anything to apply to at this specific high-tech manufacturer had met with repeated frustration ... every time I searched on their site, all I found were 3-4 accounting jobs open for their Chicago office ... and yet, I had heard (from a regular reader of this space) that said company had been trying to lure them away from their current employ via headhunters for a decidedly non-accounting position.

Filling out the form for this particular Communications gig was thereby doubly pleasing (even if nothing comes of it), in that I not only had found an open position at a target company, but I was able to spit on the $75 demand from the scum-sucking scammers at TheLadders!

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