BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Got my submission off ...

I'm going to be one of the authors of the upcoming "The Age of Conversation 3" (you can find #1 and #2 at, and just got off my "chapter" and contract paperwork to them this morning.

I guess these are doing OK, or there wouldn't be a #3 in the series, but it's an "interesting" project. I've encountered similar (for profit) versions where some guy is pitching that being included in a book makes one "an instant Expert" (in that case they were charging a couple of grand to be in the book, for which you get a box or two of books, with an extra charge to get your picture on the cover!) ... in this case, no money's changing hands, and any the profits from the book go to a charity that won in a poll of the participants. The similarity of the two projects is in the "chapter" length ... both maxing out at 400 words ... which is more like a "back cover blurb" length than a chapter if you ask me! To put it in context, that's not much longer than my random blithering in here, and considerably shorter than my book reviews (this post through this paragraph is 200 words, for example).

As I was telling a friend who's been in both of the previous books, it wasn't writing the "chapter" that was the problem, it was trying to edit it down to just 400 words that posed the challenge! Fortunately, there's always OCD waiting in the background to take over on something like that, and I got the body of the piece down to 397 (although I ended up having to use "it's" where I'd preferred to have said "it is") along with a 3-word title!

It appears that the editors of AOC3 are trying to keep things relatively hush-hush prior to publication, so I won't give out the thematic sub-title or which one of the ten sections my "chapter" was written for. I will, however (I appear to be "contractually obligated" to flog it in my blog and other social media to some extent) be yakking it up when it does come out, so you have that to look forward to!

I figure another "by Brendan Tripp" out there wouldn't hurt (although I have doubts of how much "expert" status adheres to me from those 400 words, no matter how brilliantly written). Of course, getting me doing word counts makes me wonder (especially as much "content" as I'm generating as part of NaBloPoMo) if I'd just focused that I'd have been able to do NaNoWriMo (although, that would have been quite a stressor hanging over me were I suddenly have to go off for job interviews and such). Oh, well, "maybe next year" for that!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

P.S.: The above is 453 words according to the fine folks at ... just to illustrate what a "chapter" in one of these books involves!


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