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It's not a job ...

It's not a job, and it's not even quite "official" official yet, but barring some bizarre perversion of events, it looks like sometime tomorrow your humble narrator of this space will be the new voice of "The Job Stalker" blog over on the Chicago Tribune's ChicagoNow blogsite ...

... I'm going to be one of a hundred or so blogs there, and probably penning the least desired assignment of them all ... after all, to BE "The Job Stalker" one has to be out of work: my predecessor, Julie Wernau, lost the gig when she got hired (by the Tribune), thus ending her job stalking ... but it's something, and I'm hungry for good news these days!

As I've been typically OCD about my job search, spending something like six hours a day researching stuff to apply for, another four hours a day cranking out resumes, and at least two nights a week off at networking events, I'm constantly churning through stuff I could share in a blog (the vast majority of which I've been sparing you my L.J. readers, and yes, "you're welcome"), so I'm anticipating this being a reasonably stress-free assignment, only adding a few extra hours to my week in basically writing up what I've done/read/surfed in the pursuit of my own "next challenge".

I'm supposed to get my paperwork in (I'd been down to the Tribune Tower last week for an interview on this, and figured it was likely "a good sign" that I was sent home with a file folder full of forms to fill out) tomorrow and then go through a training on their blogging system, but, by tomorrow evening, I should have "the keys handed to me" and be off and running as the new voice of "The Job Stalker"!

Again, this isn't "a job" (although it does pay a small fee per 1,000 page views, so you'll see me flogging the heck out of it in here!), but it certainly is a platform with a certain visibility which should make my getting that "right job" easier to find ... and, of course, putting it on my resume won't hurt either.

Anyway, figured I'd let y'all know in advance ...

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