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Looks like I need to wait another day to become "The Job Stalker" ... my contact over at the Tribune got stuck in a meeting this afternoon and had to bump our training session to tomorrow morning.

I was running on only about 3-4 hours of sleep today, as I was up all night trying to get files off to a gal that I've met via through various networking events, who is a partner in a fast-growing agency, and may very well have some substantial "project work" for me upcoming. I was trying to get her about 45mb of files, but was having zero luck. I'd tried uploading the one zipped file to MegaUpload and a half a dozen other file sharing services, and in each case the transfer would hang up.

Oddly I was also having no luck attaching anything to a GMail ... it would get to about 90% loaded and then come up with a fail message ... and this even on small files. I eventually found that I could break it up and send it via one of my ThunderBird accounts, but it was VERY frustrating. I'm hoping there's some glitch that will be fixed with a system restart (I will frequently not re-start for weeks, and issues build up), but it's bizarre that I couldn't even get a text file to attach to GMail last night.

Anyway, I was up till 4-something this morning working on trying to get that out, so was dragging all day, while trying to get all the stuff I needed to get lined up for the Tribune set for 2pm. I eventually heard from the gal there, but at that point had pretty much blown the afternoon. I'd RSVP'd that I'd be at this MeetUp tonight, but it was not my "main area" (it was a more "technical" thing, but something that I would have liked to have learned about), but when it was a quarter to four, and I had only an hour or so before I needed to be cleaned up, organized to go, and out the door, I decided that laying down for a bit was a better plan. I woke up 3 hours later ... guess I needed the sleep.

So, I guess I can try to get caught up on other stuff (I have a couple of dozen possible things to get resumes out for lined up in a browser window), pre-write my first post and the "about me" thing for the new blog so those will be just cut-and-paste tomorrow, and maybe get to bed at "a decent hour".

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