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Hope these don't become too bothersome ...

Oh, look ... a brand new post is up! Do click on the pic ===>

Obviously, this is a new project, and i"m not sure how it's going to play out, but I'm probably going to be doing 3-5 posts as "The Job Stalker" over on the Trib's ChicagoNow site a week. While you, my long-suffering LJ readers, will still have the uncertain pleasure of hearing me bitch, moan, and spout more extreme bile in this space, most of my more mundane job search postings will, of course, migrate over there.

Now, on one hand, I don't want to isolate that content from the on-going sagas played out here, as what I'm producing there is something of an organic outgrowth of my efforts here, and I certainly would appreciate "getting the eyeballs" on those pages (as the partial pennies that flow through are based on page views), so I do want to share that material with you and encourage you to both visit and "recommend" the site on a regular basis ... but, on the other hand, I realize that those of you who read "BTRIPP" on LiveJournal are not doing so because of a particular interest in "the job hunt" (although you might have some interest in mine, based on familiarity with the characters and situations), and I don't want to end up "beating you over the head" with plugs for the other blog.

I'm playing around with format ideas (such as how this entry has the clickable screen-cap thumbnail "inobtrusively" tucked over on the right side, as opposed to taking up free-standing central real estate as in yesterday's post), and hope to get to something that will be part of the "look & feel" of my main blog here (much like I assume my book reviews have, or how my poetry used to back when I was assaulting you with that particular flavor of neurosis), being both immediately recognizable for "what it is" as far as "type of post", but being a natural evolution of how this presents itself.

Anyway, I am thinking about y'all ... don't want to end up alienating "the few, the proud, the BTRIPP readers"!

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