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(Sigh) ... what a week! I'm obviously still "feeling my way" between what I'm doing as "The Job Stalker" and how that integrates with the rest of my web presence. I "started a new thing" (like there was an "old thing"?) over there today, in putting up a slug of links to articles that I've run across in my reading over the week. I figured this gave a certain punctuation to the end of the week, got me off the hook for writing over the weekend (I'll probably make that a regular Friday feature), and left the readers with time to get to those pieces at their leisure. Sounds like a plan ... we'll see how that works in the long run.

I was guest co-host on Ed Hubbard's "Pagans Tonight" show over on Blog Talk Radio (LINK) this evening ... it was interesting in that we were discussing "weird science" (and once I got past his usual co-host wanting a night off and suggesting "since the subject is weird you should have Brendan do it" ... nothing like being the "go-to guy" for weirdness!). As regular readers of my book reviews will attest, I've read quite a bit on speculative physics, which did put me in good stead for the discussion. I miss doing radio ... I was on the air all through college, and it was my "first choice" of things to do when I graduated ... and it was nice to find that it was so easy to get back into that mode and not embarrass myself.

With getting geared up on the ChicagoNow blog, I've gotten behind on a lot of stuff this week (heck, I still have something like 50 possible jobs up in my tab bar, despite spending all morning on Friday firing out resumes). Obviously, I'm going to have to work a balance between doing that blog and getting everything else I need to get done taken care of as well!

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