BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How my weekend went ...

Yeah, here's another Job Stalker link for you (click the image, yah?). Actually, there IS a bit of a difference, as I've put in the "" link instead of the direct URL ... not that it matters to you (unless, of course, went down, but that would cause such wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Twitterverse, and elsewhere in the social media dimensions, that inconveniencing my readers for an easy shot over to my job search blitherings would hardly be the worst of it!).

I spent the biggest chunk of the weekend slinging resumes out the door ... as the blog post over there details, I'd sort of got "off schedule" with gearing up for the new writing gig that I got way behind on the job application front. One of these days I need to unleash my OCD and time out how long it takes me, on average, to get generate an application. The timing will, of course, vary, as some sites make you jump through insane hoops (I think I was stuck for three hours in GSA application once!), some sites (like Career Builder) offer pretty much a one-click procedure, and sometimes you actually have to e-mail somebody ... with all variations in between. It would be handy to have a data-based guesstimate, though, for how long it is likely to take to get X submissions done. Anyway, between Friday morning, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning, I managed to get out 33 applications, pretty solid for 3 days!

I'm pretty much caught up with all that today, which is good, as I have another half a dozen major projects which have been sliding, and I need to get to those! Anyway, that's the spiel ... maybe have some more interesting stuff here later.

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