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More, more, more ...

OK, so you're probably already sick of seeing this stuff here, right? So, maybe it's just ME that feels the full reality of my only having been doing this a WEEK at this point.

The reason I ask is that I just had the coordinator of the section of ChicagoNow where The Job Stalker appears jump down my throat about a whole raft of things, most of which I felt were totally unjustified, especially given that I've only been writing this for a week! This morning I got an e-mail in which I was being berated for not having done assorted concepts that I discussed in the interview, being too "conversational", and, essentially, not offering expert advice. From my perspective, I've just gotten this started (oh, and look, a holiday weekend), and have only been "laying the groundwork" for the tone, focus, and direction of the blog. There were various things that I thought I needed to "discuss" up front as to where I was coming from, but that seems to have made it sound "too much like a personal blog". I pointed out that I was not an "expert" (if I were, I'd be in an HR department or have a head-hunting business!), but somebody that's been very focused on the process of finding a job, and has been unlucky enough to have had a lot of practice in that process. I also have planned a "link feature" for every Friday, but there's just been one Friday so far, and the feature slid into Saturday last week, and ended up going into the blog today (essentially this being "Friday") for this week.

I'm sort of freaking out about this, as I thought I was doing a swell job so far getting this moving in the direction that I had envisioned and I'm very worried that this gal may give me the boot ... and I really busted my butt to get into that position!

Have any of you guys actually been reading that over there? If so, could you give me feedback as far as what I've posted so far? As I said, I was shocked to have gotten a barrage of criticism just one week in, especially considering how much time and effort I've been throwing at this!

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