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Fonts ...

I've been messing with fonts since the old press-type days (I still have three of those cool Letraset drawer units full of old sheets), and have gone through periods of collecting and sorting and eventually losing tons of TrueType fonts.

One of my big projects for the day was helping The Girls get ready for their upcoming Science Fair projects ... Daughter #1 really only needed me for photography of her project, but Daughter #2 was pretty much counting on me for typing, layout, design, photography, etc. She had really wanted to do something "unusual" with the board, but I wasn't going to spend $100 on the vinyl lettering she really wanted, and negotiated down to doing a big graphic title with a display font pasted onto foam-core and cut out.

In the pursuit of this, I went off to find some "thematic" fonts and stumbled over a delightful site, passing along the information on which is the actual point of this post. The site is the rather generically-named 1001 Free Fonts ... despite it's less than imaginative name, it had some awesome fonts, and a very nice feature where you were able to put in a sample text (in this case, the title we were going to be using for the science fair board) and from that point on it was a single click to see that in any of the fonts. Now, I've seen thousands and thousands of fonts over the past 30 or so years, and I'm not that easy to impress, but there were fonts there which blew me away, and I'm sad that I don't have any "projects" that would call for fonts, as I'd be excited to trot out some of these in various designs.

What was also nice there were some links off to other resources ... one of my frustrations with The Job Stalker has been that it's taken me 30-60 minutes of digging to find a decent licensed graphic to use for each of those posts, and there was a link off to another site which had a ton of pics, better than my previous sources, so that's another win there.

And, yes ... if it wasn't for NaBloPoMo, I'd probably be asleep at the moment, but wasn't about to "blow it" this late in the month!

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