BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, just in case you were wondering ...

That guy with the Trump thing? I un-followed him today. It was a combination of a couple of things ... first of all, I realized that I was seeing the same "inspirational quotes" over and over again, so it's a limited list being automatically spewed out, and the repetition was becoming irritating on its own ... secondly, I actually clicked through and looked at the "Trump Network".

Now, I realize that I'm probably not the best "judge" for a Network Marketing thing ... after all, I failed miserably in the ones that I'd been involved in, largely for the reason that I was interested in the products, what they did, and how they could help people. It became very clear after a while, that in MLM the people who are on that side of things are, in the poker term, "dead money" ... they'll never win. The people who "win" in MLM are the sharks, the guys who will squeeze cash commitments out of people who are desperately trying to buy into a dream, the guys who will say anything to get a signature on a contract, the guys who do not care what destruction they leave in their wake.

One look at the Trump videos and I was sure where the focus was. There was not a single word about what was being sold ... no product information AT ALL! It was all about process, and the process involved was exactly the same Affiliate/SEO black-hat crap that's all over the web with programs that only exist to spew out other programs (and a few cheesy e-books), with no benefit other than one more squeeze page leading to one more disgustingly emotional pitch, leading to another bundle of zero-cost e-books and videos about how to do what the person that just scammed you did.

I understand from Googling it, that Trump bought a floundering MLM that does, indeed, have products (nutrition and weight loss, quelle suprise), with a "hook" of a urine test (!) which managed to get its own page on QuackWatch.

However, this is all about the scam, the "black hat" deals, the obnoxious template sites, and playing off of Trump's reputation (or, as a semi-literate poster said in defense of this scam: "Donald Trump, the owner of this trump network is a multi billionaire and he wouldn't bother trying to run a scam and dirt his name over a couple of million bucks, it's simply not worth it to him.").

I do, however, have to hand it to the guys setting this up ... they threw the whole internet/affiliate marketing playbook at this in pre-launch. The web is seeded with articles, blog posts, and comments that purport to look at the "scam" and then turn around with something like "Trump's too big to get involved in a scam!" revelation, with no mention of products, program, or company.

I just find it very depressing that it seems like the only people making money in this world are working some sort of a scam. I flip through the TV dial late at night trying to get to sleep and see infomercial after infomercial telling folks how they can make money ... by exploiting other people ... be it buying their "excess" jewelry, grabbing their home in foreclosure, offering pennies on the dollar for annuities, "consolidating" credit into highly disadvantageous commitments, or dangling illusory "business opportunities" in front of desperate people. It's a sick world, and it sure looks like this Trump thing is just a big ugly symptom of that, and another way for the evil and unethical to win again.

Bleh ...

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