BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How odd ...

I mentioned before that when I've done a post about "that new network marketing thing featuring a famous real estate investor" in here, there have been inexplicable quasi-ReTweets (quasi in that they're not really identifying it with my Twitter presence) of the post in various (and, oddly enough, different) Twitters. Here's what I'm talking about:

As I noted, this thing seems to be bringing together the worst elements of MLM and SEO/Affiliate marketing ... not only is the organization's web presence a typical "squeeze page" structure, but they obviously have bots looking for any mention of the company, which then get re-tweeted. Since MOST of the things that I've found on the web were pretty clearly "seeded" articles that promoted the scam, I guess this makes sense ("building legitimacy" in these folks' Twitter feeds), but it's bizarre that even things where I'm SLAMMING the program get picked up.

I'm not mentioning the name here (to keep me from showing up again in these!), but it just seems so sleazy that this is all "process" and no "content" (like all that SEO/Affiliate crap), to the extent that their bots are even spreading negative messages (obviously, nobody had bothered to read my post before passing it along!).

What would be fun would to start a meme where hundreds of web folks would be posting things savaging the T.N. and see how many of these assholes' Twitter feeds would feature them!

God, I hate the sleazy shit out that's out there ... and the fact that it looks like only people DOING sleazy shit are making any money.

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