An interesting piece I read today ...

I stumbled across an interesting post on the Psychology Today web site, regarding defending oneself against a "Cancel Culture" attack. While the focus of the article was primarily for academics, it had a lot of strategies that could well be generalized to other settings. In the middle of the piece was this fascinating Venn diagram, casting the elements of these attacks in the contexts of dystopian visions ... thought I'd pass it along:


"Just hit share! Just hit share! Just hit share!"

OK, so I was listening to one of the videos by Jovan Pulitzer yesterday, which was pretty earth-shaking in regards to the massive (and on-going) vote fraud down in Georgia. At the end of this, he's a bit excited and gets into almost a chant of "just hit share", and I had the following graphic pop into my head ... which I, of course, had to manifest.

Needless to say, I am not in any way suggesting actual battery upon the person of the former Mrs. Bono ...